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Guide To Spring Music Festivals 2010 Summertime festivals can not only be a break from monotony of summer, but they can also introduce you to local talent and entertainment. Northeastern Oklahoma has plenty of natural habitat perfect for summer fun- mountains and lakes galore! Not to mention Tulsa"s thriving community and artistic venues. However, there are also several hometown festivals going on that promise an unique and memorable time. You can find yourself eating a ten foot pecan pie, watching a national fiddling competition, or even enjoying some great-tasting Cajun music- all in one corner of Oklahoma! Below are just a few of Northeastern Oklahoma"s summer time festivals. You do sport wristbands not need to hold the event in person. You can conduct it virtually -- over the telephone (teleconference) or Web (webinar). You might decide on using guest speakers or have a live discussion. KEN STRINGFELLOW: I don"t know if things were missing from other records, that"s a bit harsh, but I think we were just ready to prove some things and very inspired on this album. JON AUER: I spent a couple of weeks in Minneapolis making a record with a band called The Melismatics who I think are fantastic. Beyond the music, they also inspired me with their work ethic with was superlative. I also just played with a band while I was recently in Singapore called Typewriter who I had a great time with. We played together, some of my songs, some of theirs, kind of a musical cultural exchange at a big festival wristbands there. My first sales were at TAMUCC at a small open art festival event wristbands. Very low-key but sold all my little ink drawings and cards I created for 5 bucks a pop I was stoked... being a poor college woman. Word of mouth is effective and I have enhanced this with having professional business cards to help with referrals. A more conservative but nonetheless fun party outfit is bohemian. Bohemian is a hippy culture that has been around for a long time but one that has not lost its touch among lovers of rock music and live bands. In bohemian outfits, people wear vests, sandals, and clothing with patchworks. This type of clothing is not difficult to find because of its popularity. Whether one is having a nice time enjoying rock bands in Paris or in the US, the bohemian is an attractive party outfit. These clever accessories are so compact that they will easily fit in the back of your car. They"re not just simple to transport though - they"re also environmentally friendly.

A tugboat is seen alongside cranes at Guangzhou"s fast-growing Nansha Port in Guangdong province in June. [Reuters]

Wu Jia"en used his cellphone to log into the Nansha Port"s online registration system, finishing almost all the procedures for shipping goods in just half an hour.

"In the past, I had to wait about two hours to finish my business at the registration hall because of the large amount of cargo at the port," said Wu, a representative of Guangzhou Gangtian Logistics Co.

Nansha Port, one of South China"s largest-capacity ports, has implemented an electronic inspection and quarantine system to automatically issue the clearance of goods, helping increase efficiency for thousands of exporters in the Pearl River Delta region.

"We have worked closely with authorities from customs and inspection and quarantine, allowing handling processes for goods to be done through the online system," said Liao Weiwen, deputy director of information technology for the Guangzhou South China Oceangate Container Terminal Co, a joint venture that manages the second-phase container terminal at Nansha Port.

The online system went into operation in October of last year.

Smart operations, along with continual improvement of the facilities at the port, will lead to huge progress in the years ahead, said Song Xiaoming, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Port Co, which controls Nansha Port.

"China"s Belt and Road Initiative will help us build Nansha Port into a major international trade hub," Song said.

The seaport is one of the busiest in the world, processing 544 million metric tons of cargo and 18.86 million containers in 2016, ranking sixth and seventh in the world, respectively.

By the end of 2016, the port had opened 73 foreign trade routes, conducting ocean trade with more than 400 international ports in over 100 countries and regions.

"The upcoming 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will, for sure, outline bigger goals for the country"s foreign trade, given that we are aiming to develop closer ties with countries and regions related to the Belt and Road Initiative. Therefore, we will upgrade facilities and boost services to help increase trade," Song said.

Guangzhou Port Co issued a share offering on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in March, looking for financing to expand its business.

"We are building new docks and berths at the port, which will help improve efficiency and expand business," Song said.

The port company also has reached agreement with two companies, from Foshan and Zhongshan, which are major manufacturing cities in the Pearl River Delta region, to begin construction of the fourth phase of port, Song said.

"Joint efforts of Guangzhou, Foshan and Zhongshan to upgrade port facilities will help increase trade in the delta region," said Peng Peng, a senior researcher at the Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences.

Foshan officials say the city produces about 100 microwave ovens a minute and more than 23 million air conditioners a year. Large manufacturers, such as home appliance makers Midea Group and Galanz Group, have often shipped their goods through ports in Shenzhen and Hong Kong in the past, Peng said.

"After the port"s fourth phase is built, a growing number of companies on the western bank of the Pearl River will tend to ship goods through Nansha Port," Peng said.

Nansha Port is at the Pearl River"s mouth, Peng said, adding that handling goods at the port will help greatly increase trade efficiency.

"For companies in Foshan and Zhongshan, handling goods through Nansha Port will help reduce transport costs by more than 60 percent, compared with Hong Kong and Shenzhen," Peng said.

Two berths that each have a handling capacity of 100,000 metric tons of containers and two 50,000-ton container berths will be built in the port"s fourth phase, according to Guangzhou Port Co.

The fourth phase, with a designed annual handling capacity of 4.8 million twenty-foot equivalent units-a TEU being the size of a standard 20-foot shipping container-will be completed by 2021.

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